About Us

The Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Workers Association (SKDWA) is a brainchild and a product of the advocacy the organization had established in empowering the domestic workers sector. That aims to strengthen the sector with individuals who served as a voice of the unheard, the first of the weak, the leg of the oppressed, the heart of the needy and the epitome of courage and intelligence. That inspired domestic servant to educate themselves and equipped with knowledge and skills for their betterment as stated on the association Mission: 

  • To empower, provide assistance and protection for domestic workers; and 
  • To upgrade and transform their lives from lower income bracket to sustainable wealth through development programs.

SKDWA had undergone weeks of training equipping themselves with knowledge, methodology and skills following the modules of instruction based from the IDWF. The association strongly believed that training is best when proper education is served. Through constant training and education the realization of association Vision is achieved as stipulated in the Constituion and by Laws of the organization that: by 2023, 

  • SKDWA will be recognized as an effective and efficient  organization that operates locally and internationally; and
  • Develop and provide quality assistance and services for the welfare and rights of the domestic workers.  

The Association was installed and took Oath of Office, on March 30, 2018 affirmed by the Head Volunteer Ms. Mary Ann Abunda. The oath taking of SKDWA administered by H.E. Ambassador Renato Pedro O. Villa and other equally important officials of the Philippine Embassy to Kuwait and an audience of about 700 distressed OFW held at the Philippine Labor Office-Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (POLO-OWWA), Philippines Embassy to Kuwait, Sadiqque, State of Kuwait during the Sandigan Medical Mission 2018. Had a similar oath taking at Costa Del Sol attested by Labor Attaché Rustico Santa Maria Dela Fuente, OWWA Deputy Administrator Brigido Dulay and Mariela Acuña of IDWF.

Currently SKDWA is affiliated officially with International domestic workers federation http://idwfed.org/en .