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Migrant Health Matters – World Health Day 2023

Everyone knows that Health is Wealth. World Health Day is commemorated yearly, on the 7th of April. 

Communities that are less privileged have limited access to healthcare, and suffer from more diseases than more privileged communities. There are still inequalities in our health systems in 2023, even if we have come a long way. COVID-19 showed us the inequalities still present in our health systems, and showed us where more progress is necessary. Specifically, migrants’ health requires more attention. 

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) notes 4 Reasons Why Migrants Must Have Access to Health Services. Other than the fact that Health is a human right, these reasons include the indiscriminate nature of disease spreading, the crucial contribution of migrants to the workforce, and the obstacles that migrants have regarding access to health. 

Migrant workers who work physically demanding jobs, are at risk of health complications due to the nature of their work as well as overworking. It’s important to take into account the mental health as well, and how it can impact the physical wellbeing of workers. Mental, physical, and emotional health are three aspects we should never neglect, and strive to improve for all members of society. 

Sandigan Kuwait realizes the many obstacles that are in the way of accessing health for migrants. Through our medical missions, trainings and workshops, we are advocating for the health of migrants everyday. 

How do you advocate for your health? What are new healthy habits you would like to implement and how can we support you? Leave your answers by completing this form or through the comments below!


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