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Yoga session with Molly at FitnFab Studio – World Health Day 2023

Community leaders from different organisations under the ICC, namely the Silent Community, EDWA, WADWA, and SKDWA, participated in a Yoga session at FitnFab Studio in Salmiya for a Wellness Session Day.

Molly, the Yoga instructor, was very gentle and focused on uniting the body, mind, soul, and breath during the session. Some members found it challenging to relax as the stress of everyday life kept coming back. Towards the end of the session, community leaders meditated, and the focus of the meditation was relieving stress through connecting to the feeling of home. Molly advised the benefits of 10 minutes of stretching every day – as just 10 minutes of a mindfulness exercise can lead to a great improvement in health. 

Today is World Health Day, and it is important to not neglect mental & emotional health. Community leaders under the ICC umbrella vowed to continue their journey towards mental & emotional health. 

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