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Announcing the 5th International Domestic Workers Day

As a civil society organization, we work hard to foster productive ties between domestic workers and labor-sending countries. We aim to give a platform to domestic workers struggles and triumphs, making sure that they are always given a seat at the table. By facilitating necessary conversations that are constructive, we are able to hold governments accountable for their promises and progress. 

Over the past years, SKDWA and its partners have shed light on the wellbeing of domestic workers. We have watched our lives change to fit the ‘new normal’, and this has taken an even bigger toll on specific groups of people, including migrant domestic workers. As migrants, domestic workers deserve representation and resources from their nations. There are laws that are put in place that protect workers, yet how does this manifest in reality? What are the changes that domestic workers want? What conversations are we supposed to be having when we talk about progress? How do we define safe spaces catered to the needs of domestic workers? What are the services already provided, and who is providing them? How can we, beyond different levels of government, provide better services for domestic workers?  

These questions provide many opportunities for valuable discussions, and we have many more that we look forward to answering. The Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Worker Association, the Ethiopian Domestic Worker Association, and their respective partners, are excited to announce Kuwait’s 5th International Domestic Workers Day celebration centered around ‘’Safe Working Space: Promoting Wellness and Progress’’. This will be a three-day event, taking place on June 14th, 16th, and 17th 2022.

The 14th of June will host a Domestic Workers Forum, in which domestic workers will talk about their journeys to Kuwait and their lived-in experiences. Pre and post-arrival will be discussed, in terms of the recruitment process. This will be a safe space where domestic workers can share their stories, their concerns, and their overall experiences. What recommendations would they like to see implemented? How did the pandemic effect their lives? What role do they see labor-sending countries taking on? Do they feel that government support from labor-sending and receiving countries are accessible to them? 

The 16th of June will host a Stakeholder Forum. Embassies and agencies from labor-sending countries will be able to present their resources to panelists, in which there will be a discussion afterwards. The topics will include: what programs do labor-sending countries provide pre- and post-arrival? What are the protection mechanisms and procedures put in place to ensure the wellbeing of the domestic worker as a national? Are there reintegration programs set in place for the migrant once they return to their country? The discussion will enable us to see if there are any discrepancies or challenges, and how we can tackle them in a constructive and diplomatic manner. 

There will also be an awarding ceremony, where the best team of employer and employee will be awarded. Continuing the tradition of celebrating employers and employee’s that work together is important to us and illustrates the progress possible. A profile of the awardees will be put together. We look forward to presenting work partnerships we can all learn from, by showcasing the qualities of a healthy and safe working environment. 

On the 17th of June, a second Bazaar will take place! The domestic worker volunteers at SKDWA and EDWA were incredibly inspired by the support and allyship of the Kuwaiti community. This Bazaar will be open to all public, and more details will follow closer to the date. Check out this album to see some of the products we will be displaying and email us if you have any questions on how to support domestic workers livelihood trainings. 

The forums taking place on the 14th and 16th require an invitation outside our volunteers and members. We pride ourselves in creating a safe space for domestic workers to share their experiences, and the IDWD 2022 will be no exception. If you or your organisation are interested in attending the Stakeholder Forum on the 16th of June, please submit your registration here, and we will contact you ASAP. 

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