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Labour Day 2022

Tomorrow is Labour Day, International Workers’ Day, or even May Day! With many names, it is a day to commemorate the achievements and acknowledge the challenges that workers all around the world are going through. 

Why is it important to celebrate Labour Day? 

On May 1st, we remember the workers who fought for the recognition of their rights and paved the way for us to work in better conditions. May 1st is a day where workers celebrate how far we’ve come while preparing for the long journey ahead.

Migrant workers are at the frontlines of global economies, they have power to organise and demand the recognition of their rights – because global economies would not survive without them. At Sandigan, we acknowledge how far we have come in the fight for migrant workers’ rights. Through years of advocacy and awareness alongside our partners and community, we are able to give a platform for the rights of migrant workers, contributing to change beyond just the national level. Migrant workers need safe platforms where they can discuss, advocate, and raise awareness of their rights. We need to continuously fight for better working conditions, international recognition, an end to discrimination and unsafe work practices. 

May 1st is commemorated globally, a day of solidarity in the midst of struggle for workers all around the world. International Workers’ Day is also a day that feels very personal to many. Take time to acknowledge how being a worker has shaped your life, what you would like to see change for yourself and future generations.

”We are all workers,” says Ann Abunda, Founder of Sandigan Kuwait. So, let us know, what does being a worker mean to you? 

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