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Bazaar Preparations

At the Sandigan headquarters, preparations for the Bazaar are well underway! The Bazaar takes place on the 15th of April. Every Friday since March, domestic workers have spent their day off collectively working on the bazaar items – honing sewing skills, making creative designs, and sharing good food and great conversation with each other. As Ramadan approaches, it is important to continue fostering a feeling of community and belonging, which is one of Sandigans’ aims. 

Sandigan Kuwaits’ volunteers, EDWA (Ethiopian Domestic Workers Association) and SKDWA (Sandigan Kuwaits’ Domestic Workers Association) are sewing up masks, bags, and various clothes from jumpsuits to skirts to bobo dresses (dara’a) which can be found on the website closer to the Bazaar date. The clothes feature various patterns, both traditional and colorful. They are made with inclusive sizes while maintaining modest designs for the everyday woman in Kuwait. Materials were paid for and picked out by SKDWA volunteers, while Soroptimist Kuwait is supporting the Bazaar legally and financially. Their philosophy and objectives focus on the empowerment of women in Kuwait, and Sandigan is very happy to share this vision with Soroptimist through the activities of the Bazaar. 

Stay tuned through our social medias to hear more updates on the Bazaar and check out the gallery below! See you on April 15th

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